This cost estimating tool does not include project management costs. Neither does it include local taxes. You should set aside between 10% and 20% of the application cost for project management.

As with all software, the application cost has a maintenance component for hosting, monitoring, engagement, marketing, updates, and licenses. The industry average accepted cost to maintain software is roughly 15-20% / year of its MVP development cost.

The final total is a Class 5* order-of-magnitude estimate and is prepared when little or no design information is available.

*Class 5 estimates, as defined by the AACE 18R-97, are prepared for strategic business planning purposes.


Cost Estimate


Functional Design Specification should contain functional, non-function, software, database and UX/UI details


MVP – Minimum Viable Product. A Basic User Interface. A Polished User Interface.


Small has 4-5 key pages/features. Medium has 6-9 key pages/features. Large has 10-15 key pages/features

Users and Accounts

User Generated Content

Dates and Locations

Social Media and Engagement

Billing and eCommerce

Admin, Feedback and Analysis

External APIs and Integrations



Cada Global project management identifies the client needs and the larger business objectives that an application or feature will fulfil and manages what success looks like for a product and the team that turns the vision into reality.