Content Marketing

Article content marketing is the process of publicising or advertising an organisation, business, brand website or service through the posting of blogs, articles and other types of post.

This includes marketing through advertising recommendations, reviews and promotion placed within the content, as well as content placed third party websites (which tend to be focused on providing backlinks)

Common Key Features

Written by experts

All articles expertly written, contain minimal errors and follow exact directions provided


Each article is edited and checked against industry standards and client requirements

Flesch-Kincaid scores above 50

High-quality and highly-readable articles with Flesch-Kincaid scores above 50

Note: The Flesch-Kincaid score may be lower if the article requested is more technical in nature

100% unique content

The article is 100% original and unique; the articles are not reworks and, to confirm, are checked against Copyscape

Future revisions available

Future revisions can be made to the article if and when needed