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Backlinks are an essential aspect of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Providing the best high quality backlinks are considered the building blocks of any organisations online presence. If you don’t have external links that are high quality backlinks, your organisation will never grow to its full online potential.

Achieving a higher rank from a Google search (known as a SERP – Search Engine Result Page) through a link building strategy is one of the most talked-about concepts in digital marketing.

With competition getting continuously tougher within the online arena, organisations need to invest in SEO. Improving a website’s SEO helps rank the website higher on Google and other search engines, such as Bing; giving an organisation a greater reach and exposure

The importance of backlinks

Google’s algorithm shows website pages with high-quality backlinks at the top of their search results pages. So, backlinks are crucial for receiving a good ranking on the search engine results; and backlink building is the process of acquiring natural and organic ‘dofollow’ hyperlinks that point to your website or specific website page.

We now know that backlinks lay an excellent foundation for SEO. This not only increases traffic to a web page but also helps, from a business viewpoint, in generating revenue. Businesses that are not focusing on SEO are being left behind.

What are high quality backlinks?

You don’t just need high numbers of backlinks to drive SEO; you need organic and high-quality backlinks from respected, trusted and influencing websites that will help bring natural organic traffic to your website.

Many organisations have tried to improve their SEO by buying backlinks from random sites that do not have a natural link to their own website in an attempt to increase website traffic. It should be noted that search engines, such as Google have powerful algorithms, and they can quickly identify if the backlink is genuine, appropriate, fake or spam. To avoid getting your ranking downgraded, or even suspended, make sure you are using relevant, natural and organic backlinks.

What type of links can be used as backlinks?

Any link on one website that is responsible for routing users to another website is known as a backlink, and they can be in the form of text or an image.  Your link should be attractive and relevant to make the viewers want to click on it. You shouldn’t use an image or words that do not capture the true essence of the product, service, business or organisation. Never write or show something that is purely clickbait.

Are all backlinks good?

One widespread misconception organisations have, is that if they have performed backlinking and keywords incorporation once, then they have performed SEO; this is not the complete story. Building backlinks is vital for organisations, and it is part of the SEO process; however, building backlinks alone is not enough.

In addition to building backlinks for SEO, you also must try and get rid of some of the backlinks. Not all backlinks are useful; some are toxic or spam.  It is essential to separate your website from such websites as quickly as possible as using spam backlinks can give the wrong impression in search engine algorithms, such as Google. In fact, the usage of spam backlinks may end up causing a lower search engine ranking. 

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